How it works

1. Following are the Data Transfer System tools for the data transmission and whole process of accounts outsourcing services with secured login info:​


You upload the documents to a secured server or send us via email.


  • You save the documents in your computer or send us via email.
  • Our team will connect to your computer using remote desktop access service. You can monitor the work done by us on real time basis.
  • Accounts will be updated in front of you in this mode of accounting.


  • You upload the documents on online book-keeping software or send us via email.
  • ​Our Experts logs in to your online book-keeping software. 
  • ​​Client login to their online accounting software and find their updated and processed information.

2. Connect with the interested client to know their actual work requirements.​

3. Schedule virtual call or meeting for discussing :-

  • The process of work on the assignments.
  • ​Time frame for completing the whole process.
  • ​​Fees structure.
  • ​​Quality assurance.
  • Software to be used.
  • ​​Technology and tool to be used for data transfer etc.

4. Process of work:

All the documents received will be checked to ensure that all the documents received are according to the checklist and other required information to complete the assignment.

​If all documents received then accounts processing work will start, if not then requirement list will be sent to client.

Assignment will be processed by dedicated accounts processor and queries related to accounts while processing the accounts will be sent.

Output will be reviewed and changes to be done.

Final output will be dispatched within the stipulated time bound.

4.Feedback and discussion regarding any changes or improvements on the same as per agreed term.


Decide in 24 hours whether outsourcing will work for you.

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